The Secret Life of Me.

Reykjavík, Iceland

DEcember 2016

Yes, I booked the flight after watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

No, I did not cruise on the Icelandic highway on a long board. 

I stayed at one of the best hostels I have ever visited, met some Germans, a girl from NYC, and a couple from Hong Kong. 

I met Rúnar in the famous penis museum where he worked for his uncle. He took me to a tattoo shop where I met Freja and she inked me. 

Iceland does not belong to this planet. 

One Man's Home is Another Man's Journey. 

Åsa, Sweden

January 2017

It was my first time visiting Europe.

Jeremy and Charlotte hosted me at their home near Åsa. Jeremey and I met during a school project in 2012 just after I moved to Vancouver. Jeremy biked to UBC from North Van everyday while Charlotte got to drive to work.

"Because she has a job man."

Charlotte and Jeremy are now proud parents of two girls. 

I also met Martin & Jessica, Joe & Ingrid, and Joe & Dave

Where is My Camel?

Dubai, UAE

March 2017

Dubai creek was my favorite area. 

This was a work trip. I got to visit Dubai for a conference

Each attendee received a ticket for a free (well...) desert safari

I was excited to ride a camel and watch the sunset with people that were 1000 times more nerdy than I am. I saw 1 camel as we safaried in 20 Toyota Land Cruisers.

Camels would have been far more romantic.